SCOUTLOOK '23 AUGUST 13 TO 19, 2023


A suggested equipment list has been included in the ScoutLook registration package. Although the amount of clothing and other gear may vary and is dependent on each participant's individual needs, please keep in mind that ScoutLook is a wilderness camp consideration should be give to minimizing the amount of clothing and gear required (for example, one jacket can be both water and wind proof).

All gear needs to be in a suitable backpack or dry sack and should not be over packed as the participants need to be able to carry their gear to and from their camp site. For their daily activities, all participants will need a day-pack large enough to hold items such as a water bottle, jacket, extra socks and shirt, sun screen and insect repellant, camera and binoculars.

As ScoutLook is a wilderness camp, there are no facilities for participants to recharge electronic equipment with the possibility that electronic equipment can be damaged or lost, NO electronic equipment (Smartphone, game systems, tables, radios) are allowed. Electronics such as digital cameras and handheld GPS units can be brought to the camp.

Helpful Hints:

- For water proofing, backpacks can be lined with a garbage bag

- Books should be kept in zip-loc bags

- Digital cameras should be water proof or kept in a ziploc bag

- Hats should have wide brims to cover the face, ears and neck

- Gear should be labled with the camper's first and last names

- No disposable mess kits are allowed (paper/foam plates, cups or cutlery)

Scoutlook '23