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Q1: What is the Scoutlook Wliderness Camp?
A: Scoutlook Wilderness Camp (Scoutlook for short) is a weeklong wilderness camp experience open to Scout age youth between 11 and 14 years of age. The camp is an introduction to back country camping and the skills necessary to have a fun and safe wilderness camp.(Back to FAQ)
Q2: Where is the Big Whiteshell Lake?
A: The Big Whiteshell Lake is located in the northeast corner of Manitoba's Whiteshell provincial park and approximately 180km from Winnipeg.(Back to FAQ)
Q3: What is the Alloway Wilderness Reserve?
A: The Alloway Wilderness Reserve (previously known as Camp Alloway) is a 48 hectar (118 acres) site along the south shores of Big Whiteshell Lake. Scouts Canada was granted use of this land in the Whiteshell Forest Reserve by His Honour Lieutenant-Governor John Stewart McDiarmid n 1959. (Back to FAQ)
Q4: How will the Scouts get to the Big Whiteshell Lake?
A: Scouts are responsible for arranging their own transportation to the Big Whiteshell Lake. Car-pooling with other participants is encouraged and the Scoutlook team will be available to help parents arrange transportation.(Back to FAQ)
Q5: How will the Scouts get to the Alloway Wilderness Reserve?
A: There is no road access to the Alloway Wilderness Reserve. The Scoutlook team will provide boat transportation from the main dock, located in the Big Whiteshell Lake campground to the Alloway Wilderness Reserve.(Back to FAQ)
Q6: Do Scouts spend the whole week at the Alloway Wilderness Reserve?
A: Yes, the entire week is spent at the reserve with a day trip over to the adjacent Crow Duck Lake through a 1km portage and the infamous "Boat Graveyard".(Back to FAQ)
Q7: Can Scouts bring extra food and snacks to Scoutlook?
A: All food will be provided at the camp. Extra food brought in and kept in tents can attract unwanted visitors (squirrels, skunks, racoons). If there are specific dietary requirements or restrictions, contact the Scoutlook team.(Back to FAQ)
Q8: Can Scouts bring electronic equipment to use in their tent?
A: No. Electronic equipment should not be brought to the camp because, even when left in the tent, is susceptible to loss, water damage or physical damage from being stepped on in the tent. The Scoutlook team will have mobile phones on hand that can be used for communication with parents and for emergency calls.(Back to FAQ)
Q9: Can Scouts keep their medication with them?
A: No. All medication, except for things like emergency inhalers and epi-pens, must be give to the Scoutlook team for storage and to ensure the medication is taken as prescribed.(Back to FAQ)
Q10: Can Scouts bring a knife to Scoutlook?
A: Yes. Knife, axe and saw use and safety is part of the Scoutlook program. Knives with a folding blade (pocket knives, multi-tools) must have a locking blade. Knives with fixed blades must have a sheath.(Back to FAQ)
Q11: What's on the menu at Scoutlook?
A: The Scoutlook fees covers all meals and snacks for the entire week. By using dutch ovens, the Scoutlook kitchen is able to provide a variety of hearty home-style meals that includes chilli dogs, pizza, lasagna, chicken pot pie and desserts that incude black forest cobbler, brownies and upside-down pineapple cake. The Scoutlook recipe book, containing recipes for many of the meals can be downloaded here: Scoutlook Recipes 
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